Homebuyer FAQ

Simply put, Picket is a place where homebuyers relate to local, qualified home inspectors on demand! Gone are the days when you simply hoped an inspector could accommodate your needs. At Picket, you pickthe time, you pick the place, and we pick the most qualified inspectorin our community to see you there!

The inspection industry is large and expansive with a wide variety ofexperience, technology and resources. Most people looking for an inspection have never really had to research this service until searching for their own home and now the decision to be made isimminent! Rest assured Picket has done the work to seek out the mostqualified inspectors available in your area and made it simple for youto connect!

A home inspection is an on-site visual and physical examination of thehome. It includes analysis of:

  • Roofing
  • Structure
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Insulation and Moisture
  • Exterior grounds
  • Insect and Pest presence
  • Windows and Doors
  • Major Appliances & more

For most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment of theirlives. This investment should be "protected." A qualified home inspector can assist with this by providing you with an evaluation andeducation on the home you are about to purchase.

With a lot of moving parts in a home, many things that can go wrong.It is likely that you have heard horror stories of the unsuspecting buyer who purchased a home, only 6 months later discovering the need to replace a furnace, or the roof is leaking, or have even become sick due to the presence of mold. It's the responsibility of the inspector to analyze the home and provide you with their professional opinion onthe condition and life expectancy of its major parts so that you canhave the most information possible to make your buying decision.

It is not recommended that one performs their own home inspection. The average home inspection involves significant knowledge of just about every aspect of the home making most people unqualified to represent themselves. Additionally, buying a home can be an emotional decision, which may add confusion or cause unnecessary tension for those involved thereby clouding judgement. That concern along with the complexities, tools and resources needed to do a proper evaluation are all reasons why a self-inspection is NOT recommended for those buyingwho may be a contractor, electrician, plumber or have some otherrelevant experience. In fact, even licensed home inspectors rarely inspect their own homes.

Home inspectors are specially trained, licensed and equipped to provide you with an unbiased evaluation in a timely fashion. In fact, some states, financial lenders and other institutions require alicensed inspector to complete the inspection in some cases.

At Picket, we are picking the most qualified inspectors your local area has to offer in order. We are in pursuit of setting the gold standard across the inspection industry so that our customers are offered a consistent product. Verifying state licenses, insurance coverage, industry affiliations and experience of our inspector community is on the beginning. Every inspection performed is an opportunity for customer feedback and ratings of inspectors that will continue to drive incentives for us to continually improve and put thebest out front.

Our philosophy has always been that we can use technology to improve aservice, but the best human beings for your job can be found in your local community! We are here to partner in and facilitate that relationship.

Your inspector will usually spend around 2 hours at the home with youto explain things as they arise. Typically, that is followed with anon-site "huddle" with our customers to review any major findings thatare critical to your buying decision. Your personalized report following the on-site evaluation could take up to several additional hours to organize and complete. Our goal is to have that report available to you within 24 hours!

Please Do! We encourage you to be at your inspection. It is your opportunity to meet your inspector and learn all about your home. Some buyers use the time to look at fine cosmetic details, some measure rooms for furniture, and others just stand back and watch our inspectors do their thing. Being onsite for the inspection is the perfect opportunity to ask your inspector, and in many cases the current homeowner, questions about the home and how things work!

You can cancel or reschedule your inspection appointment up to 24 hours before.

Although, the typical home inspection cost about $400-$650 on average,each home is unique. There are multiple factors that are used todetermine this price as the cost is largely based on the amount oftime the inspector needs to inspect the home. The location and size of the home, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and the presence ofa garage or basement are some examples. Rest assured, Picket's systemwas designed to give the customer a competitive price to acquireservices from the best available talent in your local area.

There are potential problems that can come up during inspections andthe inspector is there to make sure the buyer understands what mightbe involved. The inspector's goal is to educate the buyer so thatperson can take the best next steps in their home ownership journey.The inspector is not there to provide direct advice on whether oneshould or should not buy the home of interest.

Often, the inspection report can be an effective tool to move forwardimmediately, but in certain circumstances they may offer the buyer theopportunity seek further negotiation, pursue other homes or any numberof other options along the way. Regardless, Picket would recommendthat the homebuyer consult with their real estate agent or otherqualified professional to offer further assistance with thosedecisions.

Yes, we will have your full report delivered to you electronicallywithin 24 hours. It is an incredibly detailed document that isspecific to your home, which includes many pictures of what weinspected.

Your card will not be charged until an inspector has completed yourhome inspection and the inspection is submitted by the inspector tothe Picket platform.

Inspector FAQ

Simply put, Picket is a platform that connects home buyers and real estate agents who need to schedule a home inspection, with local qualified home inspectors. Our mission at Picket is focus on running the business while our qualified inspectors focus on inspections. This means we do the marketing, emails, billing, scheduling, and you do the inspections and get paid!

Nothing! We are building a large community of inspectors and there will be no fees for you to be part of this fast-growing network. Did I Say FREE?

Realtors use Picket to make the process easier for themselves and their buyers. They still want you to be one of their few preferred inspectors because they value your service. Kudos! When a realtor has invited an inspector whom has registered with us, their next home inspection need will be generated here at Picket and you will be invited to accept the request. No phone calls or back and forth. Its instant.

Being what we call a “Preferred Inspector” gives you VIP status, and you collect the lionshare of the cost of the inspection. You will also be offered random inspection jobs that are not referred by the Realtor whom invited you. Read below for more details on how that works.

Picket believes in true partnership with our inspector community. With that philosophy in mind, Picket will share in a 50/50 split when an inspector completes a job through the Picket platform! It's quite simple! For a $500 inspection, you can expect to take home $250. You will always see how much any given job pays when you are invited. Choose to accept or decline!

Upon acceptance to the Picket community and once you have set up a bank account to accept funds from us you will be eligible to accept jobs. By time you accept a job offer the customer’s payment information will have already been captured and you will be eligible to receive compensation once your report has been submitted and approved. Your earnings will appear the next business day in whichever account you have set up in the system for deposits.

Nope! One of the best parts of joining our community is you get to remain working as an Independent contractor. That means you will receive a 1099 from Picket annually to reflect the earnings to have received. We highly encourage you to discuss any questions you may have with your qualified tax accountant.

Picket has a dedicated marketing team committed to securing work in your area and offering leads based on what is available. While we take pride in our ability to secure leads, it is the responsibility of you, the inspector, the perform the highest industry standards. Homebuyers will provide feedback on your performance, which drive your rating. The higher the rating that you earn will be a major component to helping you earn more jobs in the future from Picket.

Well, they are actually choosing a local inspector. Picket is determined to put more inspectors to work, not out of business. We thrive when local inspectors thrive. Simply put, we offer an easy way for buyers and real estate agents to schedule unbiased inspections using their mobile phone quickly and efficiently. They can also use our portal to pay for the inspections, download their reports, and keep tabs on different aspects of their new home.

Of course! Picket is here for you to use as you wish. Our most successful inspectors use us for most, if not all of their jobs. Other inspectors continue to build their business as they have always done, and simply use the Picket platform to “Fill in the gaps” when they are free for more work.

Money? It may sound simple but it’s just plain true. You are the professional home inspector. It’s what you do well! What Picket does well is market to grow your business. We do all the difficult and tedious business and marketing tasks for you, while you do what you do best. Inspect! Not everybody likes or is good at knocking on the doors of local real estate offices trying to get known or navigating the complexities of today’s internet marketing. When you join the Picket community you are joining something much bigger than yourself!

Picket requires a few basic things you should already have. Here are a few items to get you started:

  • An active license if your state requires it
  • Liability insurance
  • A mobile phone
  • A photo for your ID badge
  • A bank account through which we can pay you
  • Tools of the trade to perform inspections

That really depends on you. Picket is available 24/7 for buyers and agents to request inspections. Our software works in such a way that you will be offered jobs as they are requested based on geography, availability, and your inspector rating. You will receive the details of the job "The when, where, and how much you stand to earn" via email and text. You simply choose the jobs that you are offered based on your desire to earn and availability! Time is of the essence so we encourage you to accept offers ASAP or you may risk losing the opportunity to another available and qualified inspector.

Like other successful companies such as Uber or Lyft, your schedule is up to you! You pick the jobs you want when you want them. As part of our community you will have access to a portal and calendar that integrates with your own making time management and personal earnings goals easily manageable!

Picket intends to set industry leading standards when it comes to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have created a system where Inspectors must meet our minimum criteria to be part of our community, but also a user rating system that drives us to be better! Happy customers equals more opportunity for our best inspectors and an opportunity for struggling inspectors to step up their game. Aside from keeping your license and insurance up to date, if you show up on time, create a positive experience for the customer and upload your report in a timely fashion you have nothing to worry about! Failure to meet Picket standards means you run the risk of being excused from the network.

Think of it as your mission control. It gives you details on your current and past inspections. It also shows you how much you have earned by accepting jobs, while also showing the amount of revenue you have passed up on by declining jobs.

Currently we are allowing you to use whichever you are comfortable with as long as you can import the report as a PDF that includes pictures and/or videos. We do not currently support handwritten reports, sorry all you old school inspectors!

Realtor FAQ

Simply put, Picket is a new, efficient, and economical way of connecting Homebuyers and Agents with local qualified Home inspectors On Demand! At Picket, you pick the time, you pick the place, and we pick the most qualified inspector in our community to see you there! Rest assured Picket has done the work to seek out the most qualified inspectors available in your area and made it simple for you to connect!

We get it! That's why when you create your profile, you can add up to 3 of your “Favorite” inspectors. If they are not yet on the picket platform, they will be invited to join your network as your preferred inspector. We handle the rest! You can customize your profile so your inspectors are the ones notified when you need an inspection. Whichever of your favorites accept the appointment first gets the gig!

How many? More than you'd expect. Believe it or not, most of our inspectors are likely folks you already work with!

Our network was created to make scheduling easier for the Homebuyer and Agent, as well as find work quality inspectors in your area who are available when you need them!

Our inspectors are vetted by our COO and licensed Home Inspector Matt Rivera. Matt not only home inspection experience, but also has been running teams of inspectors for almost a decade. Matt qualifies each new Inspector, by verifying state licenses, insurance coverage, industry affiliations and experience of our inspector community. Matt also reviews the quality and speed of the reports they produce. You may even find him shadowing one of our team here and there to be sure his standards are being met.

Every inspection performed is an opportunity for customer feedback and ratings of inspectors that will continue to drive incentives for us to continually improve and put the best out front.

Our philosophy has always been that we can use technology to improve a service, but the best human beings for your job can be found in your local community! We are here to partner in and facilitate that relationship.

That varies on the size of the home and a few other factors. Mostly this is determined by the amount of time it will take our inspector to do a quality job for you. We can assure you that our pricing is in line with other local companies. Your client will know the price of the inspection prior to confirming any appointment!

Oh, and one more thing. Picket does not charge Buyers until the inspection completed. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No more than your typical inspection. As you know, this mostly depends on the size of the home. It could take a little as an hour for a small home, to many hours for a large estate.

We will review our findings on site once the entire property has been inspected, and the report will be available for download within 24 hours. Most of the time they are completed the same day! These reports are extremely detailed, and are also available for Agents to view, and for Homebuyers to send with whomever they see fit.

Life happens! Deals are lost! People get sick! No worries. You can use our site to cancel or reschedule with ease.

  • Quick and easy to schedule

  • Quality Inspectors

  • Fairly Priced

  • Immediate Communications via Text and Email to all parties "That means agents too!)

See above! It's that simple. You choose the day of inspection on our mobile site, enter the Homebuyers mobile number, and tap “Send invitation”. We will take care of the rest with the and keep you in the loop! If you created a team of preferred inspectors, all you need to do is to take a moment to submit the request and know that your team will all be invited to accept the appointment. No more phone calls! No more “second” phone calls when the first guy is not available or doesn't answer you timely!